Jamaica? No, they went of their own accord. 1819-1825

Eliza ANDERSON. Married, June 2, St Michael’s, Rev Richard BICKELL & Eliza, daughter of late John ANDERSON, esq., of Clifford’s, Island of Jamaica. 7.6.1819

Mr Henry BASTABLE, merchant, son of Mr E. Bastable, of Bristol, died Dec 6, at Kingston. Obit 16.2.1822

Mr Richard BOWZER, eldest son of the late F.W. Bowzer of Bristol, died Dec. last. Obit 16.2.1822

John Stockdale BROWN esq., died Clifton, Jul 29, of Sportsman’s Hall, Trelawney, Jamaica, Obit. 2.8.1819

Charles James CLARKE, esq, of Jamaica to Jane, eldest daughter of late Thomas PIERCE, esq., married at Clifton. 1.11.1819

Elizabeth Ann CLARKE, died Jul 16 at Hotwells, in her 21st year, only dau of Josias Clarke, esq., of Jamaica. Obit 25.7.1825

John COXON, aged 18, died April 24 aboard the brig “William” (Captain WELLER), on a passage home from Jamaica which he left in good health on the 18th, son of Joseph Coxon of St James Place, Kingsdown and grandson of Captain Coxon of the “Grosvenor” East Indiaman which was wrecked some years ago off Cape of Good Hope. A young man of first rate talents and sanguine expectations, master of French, German & Spanish, just embarked in employ of Mr ANGUS, merchant of London, dutiful and affectionate child, loss will be long felt by family and friends. Obit 6.6.1825

Letitia Maria GALE. married March 18 at Tewkesbury, Alfred son of Rev Dr ESTLIN of Bristol & L.M. Gale, only dau of late James Gale, esq., senior of Saltspring, St Elizabeth, Jamaica. 21.3.1825

Elizabeth GORDON, died May 15, at Wellington Place, aged 81, Elizabeth, relict of Larchin Gordon, esq., of Jamaica. Obit 23.5.1825

William HAMMONDS, esq., died May 20, Kingston. Obit 1.8.1825

Captain HODDELL, of the ship “John” of Bristol, died Apr 12, at Montego, after a fatal accident when he was thrown out of a chaise. Obit 5.6.1820

William HOPKINS, died Mar 20, at Montego Bay, aged 29, son of Mr Ralph Hopkins of Old Market Street. Obit 14.6.1824

Mr Frederick HOWE, aged 25, died of fever on Dec 28, at Martha Brae, brother of Mr Howe of Dolphin Street. Obit 23.3.1822

Rev D.G. HAGUE & Mrs. HAGUE. died lately at Kingston after a very short missionary labour, Rev D.G. Hague eldest son of Mr Hague of Bristol and a few days afterwards, his wife, to whom he had been married only four months. (Two others from the same church, unnamed, also died at the same time, suggesting an outbreak of fever?) Obit 21.11.1825

Henry JACKSON, died lately at Jamaica of yellow fever, the 3rd son of Mr William Jackson of Upper Easton. Obit 27.3.1820

Herbert Jarrett JAMES, of Jamaica, a daughter born to “his lady”. 17.11.1823.

W. KERBY, died Sep 21, at Kingston, Jamaica. Obit. 4.12.1820

James LEMAN, esq of St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica to Charlotte, only daughter of late John SCOTT, esq, solicitor, Bath, married Walcot. 18.11.1822

Mrs LEWIS, widow of James Lewis, esq., formerly of Jamaica, died at Clifton, Dec 13. Obit 23.12.1822

John LYON. died at the residence of his brother at Kingsdown, 4th son of the late James Lyon, esq. of Jamaica, of an abscess on the lungs. Obit 3.7.1820

John MAIS, senior, esq., at his lodging, Kingsdown Parade, late of Jamaica. Obit 23.8.1819

Jane MONTAGUE,  Oct 1, at Blower Hall, parish of St James, Jamaica, wife of Edward Montague, esq., Her loss sincerely lamented by her affectionate husband and numerous circle of friends. Obit 17.1.1820

Joseph PARROTT, esq., July 29, at Cathay, at an advanced age, a native of Jamaica. Obit 2.8.1819

Elizabeth PENDRILL. married Jun 5 at Bathwick, Rev Geo. Ingram FISHER, rector of Winfrith-Newburgh, Dorset to Elizabeth 2nd dau of John Pendrill of Bath and granddaughter of late William CAMPBELL of New Milns, Jamaica. 13.6.1825

Captain Edward POWELL, died April 8, at Kingston, of the ship “Union” of this port. Obit 5.6.1820

William PRICHARD,  in his 22nd year, 2nd son of Mr Henry Prichard of Queens Parade, died at Spanish Town, Dec 17. Obit 16.2.1822

Abraham ROOM of Bedminster, died Mar 26 at New Peru, St Thomas in the East, Jamaica, three weeks after his return to the island, regretted by all. Obit 11.7.1825

Mr John Morgan THOMAS. died lately, in a passage from Jamaica, aboard the “Ann” (Captain VIBERT) aged 31, eldest son of Mr John Thomas, iron merchant of this City. Obit 7.2.1820

William Couch TUNNICLIFFE. died lately, within six days sail of Jamaica, on the outward voyage, in the 30th year of his age, Second mate aboard the “Ann” (Captain GARDEN). Obit 18.2.1820

Captain WATERS, of ship “Charlotte” of Bristol, died Sep 4 at Port Antonia, Jamaica. Obit 14.11.1825,

Mr Joseph WINE, at Trelawney, Jamaica, aged 39, Mr Joseph Wine, son of Mrs Sarah Wine and brother of Mr John Wine, chemist & druggist, Temple Street. Obit 9.8.1819. (Baptised Temple 1.8.1779,  son of John & Sarah)

And one who didn’t:

Dorothy THORP. On March 15 at Batchelor’s Hall Estate, Hanover, the PROPERTY (my italics) of Philip John MILES, esq., Dorothy Thorp, a black woman, at the advanced age of 103 years. Her children and grandchildren amount to 25 in number, one of whom, a Quadroon, is married to a  respectable tradesman in Scotland. She retained her faculties and her teeth entire to the last and attended to her goods and went to market within a few days of her death. Obit. 3.7.1820

All the above entries are taken from the Bristol Mercury.