FLOWER family of Timsbury


I have received the following email from Neil D. Brooks (neildbrooks49@hotmail.com)

“I have just finished a family history of the Flower family who emigrated from Timsbury in 1853.

“I found your article on the web “Life of a Bristol family” (Timsbury) which mentioned a John Flower being killed in a coal mining accident. My ancestors are James & Hannah Flower whose daughter married a Wellow lad (Jesse Humphrys) and they all emigrated to South Australia and were very successful Sheep Farmers and Wheat croppers.

“If anyone is interested in the Ones-that-got-away (to Australia) they can contact me or look at my www.bromit.com where I have samples of my research.I have published a book after being convinced by the National Library of Australia that it was worthwhile and only way of recording my research. (It wouldnt be worth our while to post a copy of the book as postage is too expensive.) The book’s pdfs are available if anyone wanted to print it at your local Staples or similar stores.
I would be particularly interested in Timsbury, Wellow, Hassage or Hemington stories as that is where my ancestors came from.

“Thanks in anticipation, Neil D Brooks.”

I replied:

A John Flower (52) was one of 11 men and boys killed at Hayeswood, Timsbury, in February 1845. Thomas Flower was killed at Mells, 1871 and William Flower (50) of Smyth Hill, killed in a coalpit at Wellow, February 1856. These men are named in my book “Killed in a Coalpit, Volume II, the Mines of Mendip” which I wrote originally ca1990 and am now updating. Volume I (covering Kingswood District Pits, South Gloucestershire) has been updated and is currently with a publisher. It  should be available after October 2015, all being well.  

One thought on “FLOWER family of Timsbury

  1. Hello : I’m Patrick Flower from Michigan, U.S.A. I truly appreciate your book and, to me, seems your research is very detailed.
    My own direct Flower line is from Lamrock Flower.
    Thanks Again So Much,
    Patrick Flower
    Ionia, Michigan, U.S.A.


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