Flower family – a descendant.

I have received the following:

Hello :  I’m Patrick Flower from Michigan, U.S.A. I truly appreciate your book and, to me, seems your research is very  detailed.
My own direct Flower line is from Lamrock Flower.
Thanks Again So Much,
Patrick Flower
Ionia, Michigan, U.S.A.

“Lamrock” is usually Lamorock with variations of course.  I have directed Patrick to the author of the book and also to the Flower Family entry on “The Kingswood Index” see knob to press at top of blog. I have been compiling this index over many years. See also Penny Deverill’s book “Until she be dead” – the story of Rebecca Worlock, nee Flower, executed for murdering her husband. 

One thought on “Flower family – a descendant.

  1. Hi,

    I am also descended from a Lamrock Flower, he married Mary Francis in 1777. The family lived in the manor house next to the church in Saltford. There seems to have been a Lamorock in each generation going back quite a long way.
    His daughter Honour married Coster Thompson in 1802 and they are my 3xgreat grandparents. There are a number of Lamrock/Lamorock Thompsons including their son, my 2xgreat grandfather!
    Honour was the sister of the (in-)famous Rebecca.



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