Calling the Flew family

Message from George Flew:

My great great grandfather was George Flew, born in Long Ashton in 1830. He married Mary Ann Martin from Arundel born in 1828. They emigrated to the US in the mid to late 1860s. His brother, William Flew, b. 1826 in Long Ashton, married Anna Maria "A. M." Cook b. 1833 in Bedminster. She stayed in touch with her US kin until her death in Bristol in 1914.
My research indicates that George’s father was William, b 1796 in Long Ashton who married Sarah Watkins, b. 1795 in Tralick, Wales. William’s father was William b. 1752 in Long Ashton married to Ann Davies, b. 1764 in Bristol. His father was also William, b 1730 in Somerset. Possibly he was involved with some tales of sorcery around Mangotsfield and the Lamb Inn incident of 1762.
In addition to Flews, I am also related, through marriage, to Days and Hooks.
I would like to contact anyone that might be related or have information regarding the Flew line. Particularly, a link to the Flews around Portland and in the Devon area.
Thanks in advance,
George Flew
Knoxville, TN, USA

If anybody can help, I will connect with George.

2 thoughts on “Calling the Flew family

  1. Dear George Flew

    My paternal grandmother’s name was Alice Flew born on 14 May 1899 in Kingswood area of Bristol. Alice married Frederick Perry also born in 1899 on 8 April.

    One of my grandmother’s brothers was called George Flew. I have a photograph of George in his army uniform and my father and elder son share a keen family resemblance. My father told me George sadly died on the beaches at Normandy.

    I am interested in my family history and hope this information helps you, ties in with your family history research.

    Best wishes

    Deborah Baldwin


  2. I have posted information for you on my family, the Flews of Bristol. I have joined word press as Gwenolee and hope this means you may respond. My newly formed account is and am just getting to grips with it!
    Thank you.


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